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Welcome To Clan DoD

Welcome to Clan "Discipline Of Destruction", once again. Our channel is Op DoD[ @USwest. If you like to join this clan. Make a new account name with the tag -D]o[D at the end of your account name. This is a international clan. Why join a clan? It gives you a good community and helps you on what your needs is. Also we're not just pro, we're a member.

Clan "Discipline Of Destruction" Of A New Generation.

     ~ Enjoy Your Stay

          Your Only - SaSiN-D]o[D @USwest

Clan DoD News

Hi, I just remade our clan website. Sorry, for my bot being offline because i got ipbanned for a long period. Our clan is still new and needs alot more member then we have right now. Remember if you wanna rank up fast, recruit is the anwser. Each recruits today counts as two instead of one.

     ~ Your Only - SaSiN-D]o[D @USwest

Forum Info.

Another way to rank up and be in the community is using the clan's forum. Forum:

If You Have Not Vote In The Past 24 Hours. Please Vote.

StarCraft Server

Tourney News

Hi, this is still a new clan, so we are gonna have to get about 20 people in the channel to start a clan tourney. Most of the clan tourney will be 1v1 at Lost Temple, Luna, Fastest, and other made be included if people really want it.

Links - For All Your Videos.

Clan DoD's Counter: 10678